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Blinkers | 2g Disposable Vape


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For the best all-in-one experience, look no further than Blinkers’ 2 gram THC rechargeable disposable vape pen. These disposable vape pens are incredibly simple to use – one button operation. There’s no tank to fill and no mess — just one click of a button, and the benefits of cannabis to fill your body. All you have to do is inhale and (of course), exhale!


Birthday Cake – Indica, Black Mamba – Indica, Gelonade – Indica, Hindu Kush – Indica, Zkittlez – Indica, Banana Runtz – Hybrid, Pink Runtz – Hybrid, Runtz – Hybrid, Superglue – Hybrid, Incredible Hulk – Sativa, Lemon Slushie – Sativa, Maui Wowie – Sativa, Pineapple Haze – Sativa, Purple Haze – Sativa, Pink Champagne – Hybrid


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